At 1556 hours today, Argyll & Bute Council published a Flood Alert.

Heavy rainfall is forecast from 1800 hrs today (Tue 5 April)  until 1800 hrs tomorrow (Wed 6 April).

Widespread rainfall totals of over 100 mm are expected in the north of the Argyll & Bute area during this period, with possible “point” maximums of 150 mm.  Elsewhere in Argyll and Bute, rainfall will be heavy but not extreme.

Rivers in the north of Argyll may be at risk of flooding.  The peak flood risk will be overnight tonight (Tue) and into tomorrow (Wed) morning.

There is a risk of flooding from rapid surface water runoff, small watercourses and blocked culverts.

There is high confidence in the rainfall forecast, but most of the rain is expected to fall further north  –  into Lochaber.

At time of publication, the southern limit of the extreme rainfall is expected to be around Oban, however all areas will experience high totals.

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