Meall Mhor (South Knapdale) transmitter

Meall Mhor (South Knapdale) transmitter

Argyll FM listeners in North Kintyre, Mid-Argyll, West Cowal, Bute and Arran, will have noticed that the Campbeltown-based local radio station, which broadcasts on 107.7 MHz to these areas, has been absent from the airwaves in recent days.

Although the popular Argyll station’s 106.5 MHz and 107.1 MHz services continue to work as normal, an equipment failure at the Meall Mhor mast in South Knapdale has halted temporarily the 107.7 MHz output.

Last Friday (28 October), in an effort to reinstate the disrupted service, staff from the Campbeltown station visited the hilltop site at Meall Mhor, taking with them some replacement equipment. On-site checks revealed that the breakdown was more extensive than anticipated. As a result, they were forced to order a brand new amplifier, which is being custom-built and should see the station’s Meall Mhor service back on the air within the next 2-3 weeks.

Argyll FM spokesman and Farming Programme co-presenter John Armour explained: “We don’t keep a replacement unit at the station for situations like this because they cost between £2000 and £3000 and could be sitting around for years not needed; in addition, we haven’t had funds to be able to do that.”

He continued: “Thankfully, due to fundraising, donations, and, of course, advertising revenue, during the last few months, we do have funds to cover the cost of a new amp”.

John reports that the station’s Meall Mhor coverage will be reinstated as soon as the new amplifier arrives.

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